Who Needs Mortgage Defense

Who needs Mortgage Defense?

Mortgage Defense offers independent mortgage consulting services to organizations and individuals with an emphasis on providing state and federal court-approved expert witness testimony and a multitude of compliance protocols and audits.


Mortgage fraud is a serious offense; US criminal courts prosecute these types of crimes to the fullest extent of the law. Mortgage Defense, Inc. provides expert witness testimony aimed at facilitating civil suits and criminal proceedings which may involve a number of different industry professionals.



The cost of compliance has increased steadily over the past decade with regards to Mortgage Brokers and their internal operations. As small businesses themselves, many Mortgage Brokers find it difficult to stay on top of all current and state regulations while maintaining a competitive presence in the market. Mortgage Defense, Inc. offers a full range of compliance services to Mortgage Brokers that are designed to cost-effectively suit a variety of needs and level the playing field.



Mortgage Defense assists law firms looking to secure expert witness testimony for use in mortgage fraud trials. Defense attorneys look to us when they need assistance in finding factual evidence among the web of primary and secondary markets that can help level the playing field for their clients.



Mortgage industry regulators come to us when they need industry expert representation or assistance in a trial or compliance audit setting. Prosecuting perpetrators of mortgage fraud involves a host of well-credentialed professionals and Mortgage Defense, Inc. works with regulators to secure facts from lenders, borrowers, and loan officers, among others.



Mortgage borrowers look to us for information regarding industry standards. Frequently when delinquency, short sale, or even foreclosure, are in process the borrower is at a distinct disadvantage against large industry lenders. Mortgage Defense, Inc. investigates the facts and works with borrowers to ensure their best interests are served with a level playing field.

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