Get This One Done

51Every once in a while something comes down the pipeline that the mortgage industry has needed for a very long time. While getting into the mortgage industry as a loan officer and moving to a mortgage broker has become more difficult, and rightly so, than at any time in the past it is, for the most part, based on compliance knowledge. Fees have to be paid and tests taken but the primary focus of most of the educational hours required and required test is compliance.

Now don’t get me wrong, compliance should be adhered to at all times and compliance is the focus of Mortgage Defense, Inc. However there are very few, if any, publications out there that actually lay out a proven path for mortgage sales success and are written by an individual who has applied all the principles and has enjoyed success because of it.

I am referring to the recently published book by Jason C. Myer “The Successful Mortgage Broker” Selling Mortgages After The Meltdown. What make this book so valuable is he is not talking about selling mortgages 20, 10 or even 5 years ago but rather selling in today’s market with today’s tools , technology and how to monitor your return and hone your efforts for the greatest success.

The book initially briefly discusses the financial meltdown, where the industry is today and then dives into the meat of how to move forward with success in today’s marketplace. For those of you looking for a fast cure or an easy solution this book is not for you. It involves rolling up your sleeves, clearing you mind and executing no matter what your budget. The key words here are planning, execution and monitoring. That said if you faithfully implement the plan you will be rewarded with a comparable measure of success.

Those are some strong words and I must make a confession. Jason has been a client of Mortgage Defense, Inc. for many years and we have worked with him to weather a number of storms that are referenced in his book. However, more importantly I have watched his company execute the plan noted in the book and find significant success. In other words this isn’t just theory but a road map that I saw implemented, step by step, every day as the market continued to evolve and have great success.

I would highly recommend you get a copy today either at Amazon or Barnes and Noble, put yourself in a quiet place, and open up your mind to solid proven solutions that work in the marketplace today. You will not regret it. You can visit Jason on his website at or email him directly at You are going to get out of the mortgage industry what you put into it and this publication is a great place to kick start that process.

If you are looking for compliance solutions or already have a compliance issue at hand that needs expert guidance please visit us at We have 30 years of experience to apply and provide solutions.