What Happens When You Don’t Utilize a Mortgage Fraud Expert

What Happens When You Don't Utilize a Mortgage Fraud Expert

In recent years, the need for a mortgage fraud expert witness testimony has increased significantly. The need for an expert witness in mortgage fraud cases has become very apparent, as there are many types, levels and details of mortgage fraud that need to be accounted for that attorneys are not entirely familiar with. Mortgage Defense has worked with a multitude of prosecutors, attorneys, defendants, and companies that need the competence and proficiency of a fraud expert witness.

When you don’t use an expert witness in your mortgage fraud case, there are six dangerous outcomes to consider:

  1. The prosecution’s errors regarding the actual workings of an industry are never exposed. As a result, the jury never gets all the facts and doesn’t fully understand the case.
  2. Your attorney doesn’t have the information and knowledge in his tool belt to object to generalizations and false conclusions made by the prosecution. Juries do not understand mortgage fraud. The generalizations and false conclusions can lead the jury to an erroneous verdict.
  3. The significant gaps, or errors, in the discovery documents are never exposed. As a result, the jury is never exposed to the errors and misleading actions of others in the transaction.
  4. The loan(s) are not properly tracked to verify all claimed losses in the indictment. Inflated losses can lead to serious sentencing errors.
  5. Your attorney never understands the complete nature of the scenario, all the parties involved and where the money finally went. As a result, neither does the jury.
  6. Fraud loss calculations are complex and the amount of the loss is never questioned or shown to be less than the indicted amount. Sentencing is significantly based on the amount of loss, as noted in #4.

When evaluating the need for a mortgage fraud expert, the benefits become apparent. Neill Fendly, a Mortgage Fraud Expert Witness with Mortgage Defense, has over 30 years experience in the mortgage industry and is just a phone call away at (704) 574-0364. Follow Mortgage Defense on FacebookGoogle+, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more up-to-date information.What Happens When You Don't Utilize a Mortgage Fraud Expert