3 Customers We Help When It Comes To Mortgage Fraud

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Mortgage fraud occurs whenever a borrower, Mortgage Broker, Loan Officer  or other involved party misrepresent any of the facts with respect to the application process. The point of misrepresenting information is to allow the borrower to illegally  qualify  for a home loan or, if a Mortgage Broke/Loan Officer,  to earn a commission using fraudulent information. In many cases all parties to […]

4 Clients We Can Help

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Mortgage borrowing is a complex procedure and the process is susceptible to mortgage fraud for a variety of reasons. Mortgage fraud can significantly damage all those involved in the process including the lenders, borrowers, mortgage brokers, loan officers, appraisers, credit repositories and attorneys. Regulators are swamped with investigations of mortgage fraud dating back as much […]

What is a Stated Loan and How Is Fraud Dangerous

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If you have ever originated a stated loan as a loan officer or a mortgage broker, you stand at a huge personal and professional risk. Even if you are innocent and the mortgage fraud was not your intent you run the risk of prosecution and significant prison time. Moreover, you may have to pay millions of dollars in fines and restitution. These consequences can […]

Why an Expert Witness Will Help Your Mortgage Fraud Case

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Mortgage fraud has become more common since the real estate bubble despite a mountain of new regulations. In a mortgage fraud case lawyers alone  frequently do not have all the necessary knowledge and information with respect to the mortgage industry. They need support to deal with the complex mortgage market and their best option is to hire […]

How We Help Those Who Originated a Stated Income Loan

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Mortgage brokers and loan officers are at great risk of prosecution due to originated stated income loan products. Even if they originated a prime stated loan there is a risk that they may face jail time or  a large fine, frequently even both. Necessary precautions have to be taken to ensure that you are protected in case you are questioned […]

How We Can Help

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Does your law firm need to secure an expert witness testimony for use in a mortgage fraud trial? Mortgage Defense has the experience of over 30 years in the mortgage industry that includes providing expert opinions, both written and oral, on a variety of issues in mortgage fraud trials.  Factual Evidence Finding factual evidence is one of the primary goals for all […]