How We Can Help

A mortgage fraud and compliance expert can be a very valuable asset. Mortgage Brokers work with fraud and compliance experts to make sure they are in compliance with all current rules and regulations. Lawyers and regulators frequently consult with these experts in mortgage fraud cases to not only illuminate the facts, but also to explain what these facts mean in the context of their case. Mortgage fraud and compliance experts are utilized in many diverse situations as they understand  the retail and wholesale markets, both primary and secondary executions, within the framework of a very complex industry that is constantly changing.

Consulting For Compliance

Mortgage Brokers consult with a mortgage fraud and compliance expert to ensure they are complying with all applicable rules and regulations. More importantly experts have frequently seen the typical missteps that are made, not out of intent, but out of ignorance of the law. Implementing the compliant policies and procedures correctly the first time saves money and protects the Mortgage Broker from costly regulatory discipline.

Testimony as an Expert Witness

Mortgage fraud experts are an asset in many mortgage fraud cases. If a Mortgage Broker, Loan Officer or even a borrower is wrongfully accused of mortgage fraud experts can find the facts and help those involved get to the truth. Mortgage Fraud experts have a great deal of experience in determining whether or not mortgage fraud was committed and, more importantly, who is at fault. This information presented at federal and state trials can be the critical difference between a guilty and innocent verdict.