4 Clients We Can Help

Mortgage borrowing is a complex procedure and the process is susceptible to mortgage fraud for a variety of reasons. Mortgage fraud can significantly damage all those involved in the process including the lenders, borrowers, mortgage brokers, loan officers, appraisers, credit repositories and attorneys. Regulators are swamped with investigations of mortgage fraud dating back as much as 8 years. The severity of  mortgage fraud is extremely high statically and violates both federal and state laws with severe penalties.

Mortgage Defense, Inc. provides mortgage consulting  services for both industry and regulators along with written and oral expert witness testimony for regulators, attorneys and borrowers bringing all the facts to light concerning fraudulent activity and who bears the responsibility.

Here are four types of clients that can use the services of Mortgage Defense, Inc.:

Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage brokers are now required to comply with mortgage regulations more burdensome and restrictive than ever before in the history of the industry. The strain of compliance while remaining competitive in the marketplace can be overwhelming and even cost prohibitive. Mortgage Defense Inc. offers mortgage brokers a variety of compliance services that will insure their business stays ahead of the regulatory curve, provide multiple safeguards against fraud yet keep their operations cost-effective and profitable.


Regulators frequently need the assistance of a mortgage consultant to completely understand the operation of an entity and where to look when fraud is suspected. Mortgage Defense, Inc. knows where to look to uncover violations, fraud or discrepancies that might have escaped a regulators investigation. With 30 years of mortgage experience the regulator is provided the additional expertise and tools they need to find the facts.


Law firms are inevitably requiring expert witness testimonies in mortgage fraud trial cases.  Defense lawyers for mortgage brokers, loan officers and borrowers require assistance to bring the facts to light and save their client from being found guilty for fraud that either doesn’t exist or is not of their own doing. Many times mortgage fraud prosecutions are based on erroneous information or simply lack all of the facts that can dramatically impact the findings of a jury.


Mortgage borrowers are looking for transparency in the mortgage process and frequently that is lacking. They find themselves a victim of an inappropriate mortgage loan that does not serve their best interest, is simply one they cannot afford and find themselves in a foreclosure action. Mortgage Defense, Inc. can provide valuable expertise for borrowers leveling the playing field against the unscrupulous mortgage lenders who have taken advantage of them and not complied with the letter of the law.

If you find yourself in one of the above categories, and you need assistance, you can rely on the expertise of Mortgage Defense Inc. With a foundation of 30 years of experience, and an incredible dedication to clients, the discovery of all the facts is what we are committed to for each and every client.