Why You Need Mortgage Fraud Expert Witness Testimony

Ever since the financial and real estate bubble burst and the recession set in, mortgage fraud has become more and more prosecuted  and in the headlines. However, once an individual is indicted of mortgage fraud, it typically takes more than a lawyer to handle the case.

Lawyers need support in dealing with the proceedings in a mortgage fraud case and the best solution is to hire an expert witness to testify. Because mortgage fraud cases require the defendant to comply with certain state and federal regulations, expert witnesses are important and an asset to lawyers.

Read on to learn what qualifies a mortgage fraud expert witness!

What is a Mortgage Fraud Expert Witness?

A mortgage fraud expert witness has years of experience in the mortgage industry through academic experience, academic training and business experience. In addition, an expert witness has testimonial experience from standing in front of a judge in court to testify about the mortgage industry and writing reports.

Through this experience, an expert witness can help a lawyer bring facts to light.

A mortgage fraud expert witness can be hired by any buyer, broker, lender, or any other individual under investigation for mortgage fraud.

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